At JLP Inspiring Minds we help to support your child’s early education by offering VPK Programs and School Readiness Assistance. We work with the State of Florida to deliver outstanding preschool curriculum supported by financial aid options, ensuring your child receives the best head start in their academic career.

Scholarships for Preschool Tuition

The State of Florida runs several scholarship programs for schoolchildren, but many of these are only available for kindergarten and up. With the compounding costs of preschool, it’s important to know what’s available to you before your child is ready for kindergarten. There are 2 main programs available for assistance with preschool tuition: Voluntary Prekindergarten Programs (VPKs), and School Readiness Support.

VPK Programs

The Voluntary Prekindergarten Program allows all 4-year-olds in Florida to have a year of pre-K education that prepares them for school. To be eligible, children must live in Florida and be 4 years old on or before September 1 of the year they choose to enroll. VPKs run throughout the school year or as a summer program, so you can find what best suits your child’s needs.

The VPK curriculum is focused on early learning that will be useful in kindergarten, providing a buffer year between learning through play in preschool and more structured learning afterward. The Department of Education reported that the VPK program has benefited more than 2.5 million children since its inception in 2005, effectively preparing children for kindergarten.

The Center for Public Education reported that children who participate in VPK programs have better attendance rates, are less likely to drop out of school early, perform better on tests, and develop emotional and social skills that last a lifetime. Being able to choose between a summer or year-round VPK course is also beneficial to each child and family, as you’re able to find the program that suits your child and your schedule. All instructors and schools must be appropriately accredited, to ensure that a VPK program is delivered to a high-quality standard.

School Readiness

The School Readiness Program helps parents and families in several ways, ensuring your child gets the quality education they need to be prepared for kindergarten and beyond. They provide financial support to eligible low-income families, or children with special needs or at risk of abuse. No child’s early education should suffer because of their situation.

The School Readiness program helps to provide childcare while a parent or guardian works to support their child and their family, reducing the financial stress of preschool prices. In line with this, you could also be eligible for assistance from an Early Head Start program, which helps low-income families from pregnancy through the early school years.

If you’re interested in our VPK program, or you’re wondering how else we’re able to assist you, contact us at 954-933-2982. We’re here to help grow your child’s potential, and we’re excited to help you get started on your child’s academic journey.