A Day In The Life Of Your Preschooler

A Day In The Life Of Your Preschooler

At JLP Inspiring Minds, our preschool offers a tight-knit learning community for children to thrive. It’s no secret that every parent wants their child to succeed and ensure that their child is ready for kindergarten. Our school offers valuable resources that help you get your preschooler ready for kindergarten from home.

Our Tamarac preschool is about introducing children to the real world and helping them foster a love of learning. They will be encouraged to explore and develop physically, socially, intellectually, and emotionally, alongside a tight-knit community of peers and supportive staff.

Here we will explain what you can expect from our regular preschool schedule.

What To Expect From Our Preschool

An important part of our early childhood education program is teaching children letters and other language skills. Your child’s first five years are important for brain development. During this time, their minds are constantly connecting and creating links for future learning. Our professional staff understands this and takes every moment with your child seriously.

A normal day for your preschooler will include our Frog Street Pre-Kindergarten dual-language program with lessons featuring several subjects, such as:

  • Literacy
  • Language skills
  • Reading
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Technology
  • Assessment
  • Family engagement
  • Social-Emotional Connections

We also use the Early Literacy and Learning Model which has been proven to be effective in improving a child’s early reading. This literacy-focused preschool curriculum helps build cognitive development. It encourages kids to be curious and to ask questions during the learning experience. It’s also designed to help preschoolers understand and comprehend a variety of words for each of the subjects.

STEM Curriculum

Our preschool curriculum includes science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). When children learn to solve problems, they have a better understanding of how the world works around them. Critical thinking not only allows a child to thrive in the classroom but everywhere else in life as well.

Core Values

One of our core values at JLP Inspiring Minds is to treat all people with respect and integrity. This is one example that we strive to set for our students. When children learn how to treat others with respect, they learn healthy communication skills that will allow them to thrive throughout their entire life. This allows them to have healthy social relationships as well.

Learn More About Our Tamarac Preschool

Our private preschool program helps children learn and grow the way they should. Our curriculum is designed to ensure that your child has all the skills needed to excel in their academics to prepare for kindergarten and beyond. Ultimately, the foundation set in preschool helps foster a love of learning for life.

Our website explains the application and registration fees associated with our preschool. We also offer an aftercare program and discounts to all Active Duty military personnel. To learn more about our early learning program in South Florida and help get your preschooler ready for kindergarten, fill out a preschool application today. For any questions about our private preschool or elementary program, call our Tamarac office at 954-933-2982.