Educational and Fun Pre-K Activities

Educational and Fun Pre-K Activities

We all know that preschool-aged kids love to play: it’s how they explore the world around them and learn to interact with others. Parents and educators know that playtime can also be educational. When learning becomes a game, kids are more engaged and likely to remember and apply their new skills. Cue pre-k.

If you’re looking for some fun ideas to keep fun, educational games going in either the classroom or at homeschool for pre-k kids, here is a brief list of suggestions. Best of all, most of these game ideas involve materials you may already have at home:

A New Way to Learn the ABCs

Help pre-k kids remember their letters using a Sharpie and a beach ball. Write letters on the ball, throw it up in the air, and have kids name the first letter they see facing them once they catch it. If you want to add an additional challenge, have kids come up with a word that starts with that letter after catching the ball.

Letters Meet Archeology

What kid doesn’t love dinosaurs? Kids can dig for “bones” with this fun game involving flour and letter magnets. Place the magnets on a cookie sheet and cover them in flour. Give kids a paint brush to help them “search” for the hidden letters, and name them as they find them – perhaps even use them to form words after all of them have been “discovered.”

Okay so it’s not as cool as looking for dinosaur bones, but it’s the next best thing!

Letters And Fingerpainting

For kids who can’t quite write letters yet, this activity will help them start to learn the form of their letters. Write large letters, either by hand or using a stencil, on a sheet of paper. Have kids fingerpaint or use an ink pad to trace and decorate these letters. This will help them learn to recognize them before they are ready to start printing on their own.

Tracing Their Names

Pre-k kids will learn letters as well as how to spell their names with this fun activity. Writing their names in large letters with a highlighter, have kids trace the letters with their own markers. They can trace them again using glue, yarn, glitter, or other craft materials. Ideally, they should trace their names more than once so the activity “sticks” in their minds. Kids will engage their senses as well as create a fun art project to keep at the end.

Go Fish, Alphabet Style

The traditional game of Go Fish is fun on its own, but here’s an educational twist: create your own set of cards using index cards and markers, so each card has a letter. Make sure to repeat certain letters more than once, so that kids can create matching pairs.

Messy Sensory Play

Kids will love using all five senses, but especially “taste,” for this activity: make alphabet sugar cookies, and decorate with frosting, sprinkles, and other fun treats. Ask kids which letters start with their letter as they work.

Additional Uses for Scrabble Pieces

Use the pieces from Scrabbles or Bananagrams to help kids learn to make words. Add an extra challenge by having them create words that rhyme.

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