Role Of Creativity In Preschool Education And Ways To Encourage It

Role Of Creativity In Preschool Education And Ways To Encourage It

Creativity is one resource that is relevant, no matter our age. There is always room for more creativity because, without it, there would never be any problem-solving! Since preschool is the foundation of a child’s academic career, it’s worth nurturing their creative outlets.

At JLP Inspiring Minds, we believe that well-rounded education is essential for each child who walks through our doors. Learning takes a measure of creative thinking, and our mission is to expand your child’s knowledge base. This is one of the reasons why we use creativity in all its unique shapes and forms.

Stimulate Innovative, Out-Of-The-Box Thinking

From a young age, children have an inherent desire to learn and grow, which makes preschool the perfect place to stir up innovative ways of thinking. . The ability to consider options that might be out-of-the-box are skills children will use for life. When they go to primary school and high school and eventually discover their career path, being able to think differently will hold them in good stead and keep them resilient.

Develop Problem-Solving Skills

Studies show that creativity counters the cortisol release that comes from stress. Art and other creative activities create this sense of rest, which ultimately boosts someone’s ability to problem solve.

Problem-solving skills development is a top priority in preschool education. When children have an art project or creative goal in front of them, their ability to complete it helps to strengthen their problem-solving skills.

Fine Motor Practice

Cutting, pasting, and coloring in with different size pens, pencils, paints, and crayons when doing arts and crafts activities generates fine motor practice. When there’s more creative time in the preschool classroom, children have the opportunity to practice and grow their fine motor abilities.

Nurture Freedom Of Expression

Since there are usually no or few rules in the creative zone, it’s natural for children to freely express whatever is on their minds or hearts. Giving them ‘white space’ to dream and think something through, and then create it builds confidence, self-esteem, and a stronger sense of identity.

We love the magic that happens when children have the freedom to express themselves. It positively influences everything else in their learning – including social skills, the ability to collaborate and share, and much more.

Promotes Healthy Emotional Intelligence

The ability to regulate and manage emotions, as well as to respond to others and life appropriately (emotional intelligence), can grow through creativity. Nurturing a creative space in the preschool classroom can only contribute positively to a child’s emotional intelligence, which benefits them greatly in other areas of life too.

Helpful Ideas To Encourage Creativity

It’s possible to help children grow through creativity both in the classroom and at home. Try some of these ideas:

Provide ‘White space’ To Explore

Give your child a blank canvas or an open pocket of time to get creative. You can get the paints or crayons out and use nature, such as mud, or anything else to get their creative juices flowing. Not only is this fun, but having the white space to explore and create new ideas is a great way to grab hold of some of the benefits listed above.

Set Up Creative Activities

Children can get creative on their own, but sometimes they might need a little help (and some resources) from their parents and teachers. At JLP Inspiring Minds, each week, we map out the creative activities for the kids, including arts, crafts, and more. This is something that can be done at home or in the classroom. Try new things and use resources like Pinterest for fresh, seasonal fun ideas.

Praise Them

Children thrive when they are given praise for accomplishing something or even just for trying something. Be sure to praise them and celebrate them as they express their creativity. This will inspire them and build confidence.

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