Tips For Getting Your Preschooler Ready For Kindergarten

Tips For Getting Your Preschooler Ready For Kindergarten

At JLP Inspiring Minds, our K-3 school is dedicated to providing a tight-knit learning community that supports all students, regardless of their skill level. Every parent wants their child to succeed as much as possible and ensuring that your child is ready for kindergarten is one way to help them do so. Our professional staff can offer helpful resources that allow you to help your preschooler prepare for kindergarten from home.

How to Get Your Child Ready for Kindergarten

There are many ways that you can help your preschooler prepare for kindergarten.

Develop independence

Encourage your child to do things for themselves such as get dressed on their own, wash their hands, or brush their teeth without reminders. This independence will help them to do required tasks at schools whether putting their coat and backpack in their cubby or following lunchroom rules.

Follow a routine

Setting up routines will help your child adjust to kindergarten. A morning routine starts at the same time each morning. The routine should include getting dressed, personal hygiene, eating breakfast, and maybe even a few small chores.

Read often

Reading aloud to your child helps not only foster a love for reading but helps improve their vocabulary. Get your child a library card and take them regularly to check out books.

Encourage writing projects

The more your child gets used to writing their name, the better. Practice at home by writing thank you cards or simple notes to family or friends.

Consider their feelings

It’s completely normal for your preschooler to feel nervous about the transition to kindergarten. However, acknowledge their feelings and encourage them by telling them how well prepared they are.

Skills Required For Kindergarten

To be ready for kindergarten, you will want to work on the ABCs from home. Also, work with your child to hold a pencil or crayon correctly. Practice writing their first name in both lowercase and uppercase letters. Learn how to count from one to ten. Work on art projects that incorporate glue, paint, and scissors. Help them learn their full name, address, birthday, and phone number. While these are just some of the things that a child will be expected to know, they can help your child considerably from the transition from preschool to kindergarten.

Should I Be Worried If My Child Isn’t Quite Ready to Read or Write?

Whether you believe your child is ready to read and write, consider all of their skills. It’s important to understand that their classmates will have to be at different places in their learning and some may be better at reading or writing than others. However, our professional teaching staff understands how to navigate these differences in kindergarten. We offer helpful tips to parents to not only prepare for kindergarten but to help them prepare their children for subsequent grades too.

What to Expect In Kindergarten at JLP Inspiring Minds?

Our Kindergarten and 1st Grade curriculum is focused on instilling strong reading and math skills in our students. This will help them to continue to be successful in 2nd grade and beyond. Your child will learn English Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Math. We believe in using a hands-on learning approach that allows children to learn at their own pace.

Learn More About Admission To Our K-3 School

When you’re ready to learn more about JLP Inspiring Minds and want to apply for admission to our K-3 school, visit our website. It explains all necessary application and registration fees as well as monthly tuition. We also offer an All Sports After Care Program at an additional cost. We offer discounts for Active-Duty Military personnel. To learn more about how to get ready for kindergarten and to apply for admission to our K-3 school, call our Tamarac office at 954-933-2982.