Why Is Preschool Education Important?

Why Is Preschool Education Important?

One of the most important times for learning is in early childhood. Preschool education gives children the opportunity to prepare and learn the necessary skills for secondary education. In preschool, children develop a strong foundation of academic, social, and daily life skills. Learn more about why a good preschool education is important.

Language Skills

When your child is in a classroom environment, teachers will help heighten their language skills by presenting new vocabulary during activities like snack time, art, and singing. Teachers also engage students through creative play and talking about books.

Socialization Skills

One of the main elements in preschool education is socialization. When your child is in a preschool setting, they will acquire key skills such as sharing, taking turns with others, and listening. In preschool, teachers often utilize games, songs, and stories to show children how to interact. Children learn how to be respectful, compromise, and build problem-solving skills. Your child will learn how to articulate emotions such as happiness, anger, and sadness. Additionally, they will learn coping skills when it comes to their feelings.

Increased Academic Performance

Your child will be introduced to pre-literacy skills and pre-math in preschool. Children who attend preschool prior to starting kindergarten perform better in reading and math. Since the best way for children to learn is through activities that are interesting, your child will be taught letters and numbers in a way that is engaging for children at that age. Teachers read stories to the students to motivate listening, language skills, and comprehension.

Students also learn chants, rhymes, and sing the alphabet song with the help of a picture book. Your child’s understanding of numbers is enhanced through sorting games, matching games, and counting games. By putting puzzles together, children notice the patterns and build their problem-solving skills.

Bolstered Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

When your child is in pre-school, they will learn they can do things for themselves like going to the bathroom, washing their hands, and taking off their shoes without being told to do so. Your child will receive plenty of positive reinforcement with their classmates and teachers. These interactions at an early age boost up children’s self-esteem and confidence.

Improved Attention Span

It’s important for children to have a developed concentration plan and they need help from both teachers and parents to aid in the work on concentrating. With preschool education programs, your child will work on their attention span as part of their learning process. Children will develop an understanding of when it’s time to play and when it’s time to work.

With screen time being a villain that shortens attention spans, parents can ease their minds knowing that their children are receiving an early childhood education that has a designated time for learning when the children are not looking at screens.

Develop School Readiness

When your child is in preschool, they will learn what students do at school such as raising their hands, taking turns, and being patient. Your child will also learn about waiting, following directions, and developing a routine. By sending your child to preschool, they will learn how to separate from their parents.

Insight Into Diversity

Another critical reason why it’s great to send your child to preschool is they will be introduced to plenty of diversity. While your child is in preschool, they will have the opportunity to interact with other students who are different from them. The differences can range from race and religion to socioeconomic status and class. Experiencing diversity presents a high value that plays a critical role in shaping the future.

Learn More About Our Preschool Education Program

Giving your child a preschool education is a benefit that lasts a lifetime. Preschool gives your child a head start in academic excellence from childhood and beyond. The experienced and friendly staff at JLP Inspiring Minds is committed to providing high-quality education and care. If you would like to learn more about our program, contact us at 954-933-2982 and our caring team will be ready to assist you.