The Benefits of a Private Kindergarten Program

The Benefits of a Private Kindergarten Program

Choosing the best private kindergarten for your child is an important decision for every parent. This becomes even more critical when your children are young. These are their formative years that help shape their character and the person they will be throughout their life.

At JLP Inspiring Minds, our private kindergarten program helps children grow physically, emotionally, and socially.

Why Should I Choose a Private Kindergarten?

When considering the options available for your child’s education, you will learn about the benefits of choosing a private kindergarten.

Able to Accommodate Individual Learning Needs

Private schools can better address the specific learning needs of every child. This is usually because they have smaller class sizes. This means your child can get additional assistance in their weak areas.

Encourage Parents to be Involved

At JLP Inspiring Minds, we encourage parents of the children in our private kindergarten to be involved. This allows them to play a major role in their child’s education directly.

Unique Teaching Style

Our teachers go through continuing education to learn the latest trends in education. They use this valuable information in their classrooms to ensure their students get the best possible educational experience.

Safe and Nurturing Environment

We are committed to ensuring all of our students don’t have to worry about bullying or discrimination. Our goal is to make sure every student feels appreciated and valued. If any issues arise, counselors can discuss any concerns with you and your child.

Strong, Tight-Knit Community

At JLP Inspiring Minds, we believe we can teach you anything, however, it is a community effort. We foster bonds whether student/teacher or parent/staff that give you the peace of mind you need to know your child is learning and growing exponentially at our private kindergarten and beyond,

Encourage Personal Development, Creativity, and Self-Confidence

This is one of our core values and we believe that this is what makes our program so successful. When you work at encouraging a child to be their authentic selves, they will be more responsive to learning.

What to Expect in Private Kindergarten at JLP Inspiring Minds?

Our Kindergarten and 1st Grade curriculum is focused on helping your child develop strong reading and math skills. This will allow them to continue to flourish in 1st grade and onward. At our private kindergarten, our curriculum includes math, science, social studies, and English Language Arts. We believe that a hands-on learning approach is the best way to ensure that each child learns at their pace. Because of our small class size, we can regularly monitor each child’s learning progress and give them individual attention when it’s needed.

Apply to Our Private Kindergarten Today

When you want to learn more about JLP Inspiring Minds and are ready to apply for admission to our private kindergarten, visit our website. Here, we explain all required application and registration fees and also monthly tuition. Our staff also offers an All Sports After Care Program at an additional cost for your convenience. We also offer discounts for military families. To learn more about our private kindergarten and why it’s beneficial to choose one for your child, call our Tamarac office at 954-933-2982.