Why Should I Send My Child to Private Elementary School?

Why Should I Send My Child to Private Elementary School?

A private elementary school could be the right choice to begin your child’s educational path.  Ultimately, the benefit of private schooling comes down to the quality of education offered, the values and morals of the school, and the individualized student attention due to smaller class sizes. Unsure if a private elementary school is suitable for your child? Let’s look at the benefits of private education.

Higher Education Standards

One beneficial feature of a private school is the level of education. JLP Inspiring Minds offers exceptional educational experiences through a diverse range of subjects. During their formative years, students have the opportunity to learn about arts, music, technology, and sciences, along with other foundational subjects.

Smaller Class Sizes

At JLP Inspiring Minds, we believe smaller class sizes benefit students’ learning. Smaller class sizes have been shown to improve students’ academic outcomes because teachers are better able to give individual attention where needed.

Each student is known for their strengths; any areas that need reinforcement can be addressed individually. By recognizing a student’s strengths, teachers are able to further develop these skills. In areas that appear to be weaker, teachers are better able to focus their attention on improving these skills. Smaller classes allow for more learning opportunities.

Student-Focused Setting

Our educational focus is based on a student-led curriculum. We believe that this is one of the most beneficial learning environments, as it has shown to be a productive approach to whole-child learning. 

Our curriculum encourages students to gain independence from a young age in a supportive learning environment. Students are able to develop a learning style that suits them and contributes positively to their future interests.

Parent Inclusion And Involvement

Private schools encourage parent involvement and open communication channels, not only between teachers and parents but on a whole-school level. There are various initiatives that private schools host that can involve parents, siblings, and families.

Parents have direct access to class teachers to ensure that the needs of their children are met, while teachers are able to communicate with parents regarding the students’ needs and progress. Regular parent-teacher meetings are able to be held due to the smaller class size, too.

Private Elementary Schooling In South Florida

Not only do private elementary schools provide your child with the educational foundation for life, we pay attention to all needs of students: from their home life to school life.

JLP Inspiring Minds is governed by an ethical code of conduct that ensures students are taken care of during school hours, and that their needs are met on a day-to-day basis.

 Private elementary schools are able to offer a curriculum for today’s lifestyle as well as the future through technology, sciences, art programs, and music appreciation.

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