Is The Homeschool Environment Right For Your Child?

Is The Homeschool Environment Right For Your Child?

Deciding to homeschool your child is not always an easy decision. It can sometimes come from a negative experience in a mainstream school environment. But it’s also possible that your child does a lot better with learning one-on-one or in smaller groups, which are part of the homeschool environment. If your child is more introverted or has certain educational needs, the homeschool environment might suit them best.

The beauty is that you are the parent, and you do know what is best when it comes to the educational and social needs of your unique child. There is no “one size fits all” approach to schooling. Homeschooling can be a great option depending on many factors.

Below we will share some of the factors that come into play when considering a homeschool environment for your child.

Homeschool Environments Are Family-Centric

Whether you homeschool your kids in your own home or join a group of other homeschooling moms for activities and lessons, the homeschool environment is often family-centric. That means that the social and schooling space consists of strong family values.

The difference between a homeschool environment and a more mainstream schooling space is that the values need to be a little broader to accommodate many different family dynamics. But in a homeschool situation, the values can be tailored to your unique family values, which leads to a more intimate setup.

Homeschooling Is Not Only For Introverted Kids

Some children thrive in the hustle and bustle of mainstream schooling. They don’t need to be either extroverts or introverts to thrive in these spaces. There are introverted kids who enjoy mainstream school, and extroverted kids who love to be at home. It’s up to you, as the parent, to decide for your child and see where their roots grow the healthiest. Where do they seem the most content?

According to Thinkimpact homeschool statistics for 2021, “98% of home-educated students engage in an average of 5 activities outside their homes.” This means that even when children are extroverts, homeschooling is still a fulfilling environment for their education. There is always access to groups and activities to build up their social connection with other kids.

Protection From Bullying And Distractions

When you homeschool your children, you have full control over the environment that surrounds them every day. That can save you the trouble of dealing with schoolyard bullies or unwanted distractions and bad influences on your child. For some parents, this provides a peace of mind that is not worth compromising. For others, they may prefer for their children to have access to the life lessons from conflict situations in the schoolyard.

If a child has a very sensitive nature, then avoiding conflict scenarios early on is important.

Flexibility Is Non-Negotiable In Some Families

One of the perks of homeschooling is the flexibility you gain in their day-to-day schedule. Playdates with others can happen at any time of day, as can study time. A homeschool parent can set up the daily schedule for their kids according to when they function best for certain activities. For example, if your children are early birds and thrive in the mornings, then that’s when you can do your schooling, leaving the rest of the day open for other activities that may require less focus.

Private Elementary Schooling In South Florida

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