Looking For The Best Kindergarten In Tamarac ?

Looking For The Best Kindergarten In Tamarac ?

Choosing the right kindergarten for your child is important, these formative years are the foundation of your child’s school career and social and emotional growth. We understand that choosing the best private elementary school for your child is a big decision. 

JLP Inspiring Minds, a kindergarten in Tamarac, offers you what you need to ensure that your child has a full experience from preschool to as high as third grade.

Program Overview

Our curriculum aims to provide a well-rounded approach to learning that considers the different needs of students in the classroom. Our focus is on the whole child, which means we strive to develop students academically, mentally, and physically. 

Along with our passion for international studies and arts, our curriculum is aligned with Florida State Standards, including National Standards.

We pride ourselves in our homeschool-type environment, offering small classes and a hands-on approach to your child’s learning. We also offer sports like basketball, soccer, and cheerleading to encourage skills development. 

While providing a child-centered approach to our students, we can ensure that they benefit from a well-balanced education. With multi-grade classes, your child receives the support they need to develop their foundational knowledge, but also to begin learning new concepts of the future.

Who We Are

At JLP Inspiring Minds, our mission is to provide a learning community that takes care of all our student’s needs. We want them to live up to their fullest potential. 

Coupled with international awareness, we aim to inspire and nurture students so they can positively contribute to society in several ways. 

We have a passion for innovation and excellence. By creating a positive learning environment, we can ensure growth and personal development.


Upon your interest in our school, we provide a school registration packet, which is also your child’s application.  The packet provides important information which you may need going forward. 

We request an application fee that is non-refundable. You will also need to pay enrollment and registration fees to cover expenses such as classroom materials, technology, textbooks, and other resources to enhance the learning experience for your child. 

We offer field trips, uniforms, and other school supplies at the parents’ discretion. Our tuition rates can be paid yearly or monthly. School is enrolling now!

Kindergarten In Tamarac, Florida 

If you’re looking for quality education in the Tamarac area, you’ve found it. Our school offers various perks, such as a sibling discount and more. We even offer an after-care program where you can benefit from a loyalty discount. 

Financial aid is also available in the form of VPK programs and School Readiness Assistance. To qualify, you must live in the state of Florida, and your child must be four years old on or by September 1st to be eligible to enroll for the fall.

For the best in education, enroll with JLP Inspiring Minds today by calling 954-933-2982.