The Importance Of Small Class Sizes In A Private Elementary School

The Importance Of Small Class Sizes In A Private Elementary School

Parents want the best for their children especially when it comes to their education. As the number of students increases in public school classrooms many parents are opting for a private elementary school education for their children.  We believe that a smaller student-teacher ratio plays an important role in a child’s education.

Small class size is one of the key benefitsthat parents expect from private schools. In this blog post, we will explorewhy small class sizes are so importantand how a private elementary school education can benefit your child.

For parents who may be concerned about the cost of private elementary school tuition, it’s worth noting that there are several scholarship programs available. So be sure to research the various scholarship programs available in Florida to see if you qualify.

Benefits You Can Expect From Small Classes​​​​​​

Individual Attention

With fewer students in the class, teachers can give each child more one-on-one attention.

This is especially important for children who may need extra help or have unique learning styles. In a larger class, teachers may not have the time or resources to provide this level of personalized attention, which can lead to students falling through the cracks.

Collaborative & Inclusive Learning Environment

In a smaller classroom environment, each child has more opportunity t to participate in class discussions and activities. It gives them space to build close relationships with their peers which helps to foster a sense of community and belonging. This in turn helps young children develop socially and emotionally.

Positive Impact on Children’s Mental Health & Well-being

Research has shown that children in smaller classes have better social skills and higher self-esteem than those in larger classes. They are also less likely to experience anxiety or stress, and more likely to feel connected to their peers and teachers.

There are numerous studies demonstrating the positive impact of small class sizes on academic achievement.

  • According to a study by the Brookings Institution, reducing class size by just three students can increase a student’s lifetime earnings by about 3%.
  • The Tennessee STAR project, which randomly assigned students to small or large classes in kindergarten through third grade, found that students in smaller classes outperformed their peers in larger classes on standardized tests through eighth grade.
  • A study by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that students who were assigned to smaller classes in grades K-3 had better college outcomes, including higher college attendance rates and higher earnings later in life.
  • According to the National Education Association, students in small classes have better attendance records, are more engaged in learning, and exhibit fewer behavioral problems than those in larger classes.​​​​​​

Make An Appointment To Visit The School

Visiting a private elementary school is not just an opportunity to check class size; it is also important to get a sense of the school’s culture, community, and educational philosophy. Be sure to ask questions and observe classes and activities. Talk to teachers and staff to get a comprehensive understanding of the school’s approach to education.

Key Questions To Ask

  1. The school’s class sizes: Ask about the school’s class sizes and teacher-student ratios. Are classes small enough to provide individualized attention and support to each student?
  2. The quality of the teachers: Pay attention to the teachers you meet during your visit. Are they passionate about teaching? Do they have experience and qualifications in their subject areas? Do they seem to genuinely care about their students?
  3. The school’s facilities and resources: Take a tour of the school and see what resources and facilities it has to offer. Are there libraries, computer labs, and other resources available to students? Is the school’s campus safe and well-maintained?
  4. The school’s culture and community: Observe the school’s culture and community during your visit. Are students engaged and enthusiastic about learning? Do they seem happy and well-adjusted? Is there a sense of community and collaboration among students, teachers, and staff?
  5. The school’s extracurricular activities: Inquire about the school’s extracurricular activities, such as sports, clubs, and after-school programs. Does the school offer a variety of activities that align with your child’s interests and talents? Does it offer after-school care?​​​​​​

When you choose a private elementary school, you are investing in your child’s future. You are enabling them to receive the individualized attention and support they need to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. You are also creating a sense of community and belonging that will stay with them throughout their educational journey.

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