Valentine’s Day Pre-K Games

Valentine’s Day Pre-K Games

There are thousands of fun Valentine’s Day games for Pre-K children, but here are some of our favorites at JLP Inspiring Minds. These have been tried, tested, and toddler approved. This means that sharing the love this Valentine’s Day will be fun and inclusive for everyone.

There are many amazing benefits of playing games with little ones. Research shows that playing games with Pre-K children will support their ability to plan, organize, regulate emotions, and socialize well with others. Games are a great way to help your pre-K children develop the skills they need while bonding with others and having fun.

What better way to celebrate the day of love? Sharing, fun, bonding, and growing together with friends and family through play.

1)  Valentine’s Arts And Crafts

Believe it or not, arts and crafts can have the same benefits as playing a game for young children. Making Valentine’s Day cards with messy paints and other bits and bobs helps them to think creatively while formulating ideas, and then creating something for someone else.

When children can envision what they want to create, and then use the resources in front of them to create it, they are learning how to follow through on a plan. They will then analyze it at the end to see if it matched their original idea. When playing a game, this kind of strategic thinking can also be in play.

2)  Valentine’s Day Alphabet Puzzle

Language skills are at the forefront of the pre-K age group. Therefore, learning the alphabet is a great game for Valentine’s Day. The letters in the alphabet are the building blocks to good communication skills, learning language, and how to express and regulate emotions. Without these interesting shapes and squiggles, there is no language.

For this game, cut large heart shapes out of paper or cardboard. Then on one half write the capitalized letter, and on the other half write the same letter in lowercase. Cut through the middle of the heart shape to separate one side from the other (like a broken heart). Jumble all the pieces up, and then get the kids to match the capitalized letter with the correct lowercase letter. Then see if they can put them in order.

3)  Heart-Shaped Bingo

Numbers are as important as letters. Children learn the foundations of math and cognitive problem-solving when they learn how to count, even at a young age. Their developing brains are perfect for a game of heart-shaped bingo.

All you need to do is cut heart shapes out of colored paper or cardboard. Then, write out various numbers on each heart shape. Use numbers from 1-12. Once you’ve given each child a card with a couple of numbers written down, allow each of them to take a turn to roll the dice. If one of the dice lands on a number on their card, they get to color it in or scratch it off. The person who fills all the numbers on their heart board shouts “Bingo!”

Child-Centered Education In South Florida

At JLP Inspiring Minds, we support children along their growth journey with fun, age-appropriate games, and learning activities. Our mission is to extend the knowledge base of all the children in our school from pre-K to 3rd grade. Playing games is a healthy part of this.

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